Do you have a Wordpress site? You could be at risk!

Date: April 15, 2013 Author: Mantis System Categories: Web Tools

Over the past few days, a new threat to open-source websites has been affecting websites all over the globe.

This attack is occuring against ALL – WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal sites (and possibly other open source sites) across the entire web hosting industry. All major, small, large, medium, hosting companies, and their clients are being impacted. This is by far one of the LARGEST and very EFFECTIVE Cyber Attacks in recent days.

Exposing your sites to hackers is the single largest danger that companies of all sizes face when using free, open-source software like Wordpress. It's true that many of these options are inexpensive, but does saving a few dollars really justify exposing your website to such dangers?

Below we have included a couple of news sources with more information:
IT World Canada
PC Magazine
PC Pro
Smart Company
Tech Week Europe

At c-Seven, we use closed-source software, the Mantis CMS, to build all of our websites. Closed-source software is safe and secure. Updates are made automatically, our servers are secure and because the software is closed-source, only our development team has access to make changes. This means you will never, ever have to worry about hackers on the other side of the globe breaking into your site and causing inexplicable damage.

We hope your sites remain untouched by this new threat, but if you've got an open-source site built on a platform like Wordpress, we recommend you read the following articles for further information. You should also change your password to something strong, including upper and lower-case characters, numbers and special characters. Make sure you're password is between 8 - 16 characters long.

1) Brute force attacks – security essentials:

2) WordPress – security tips:

3) Joomla – security tips:



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