Mantis 9 Launches!

Date: February 4, 2011 Author: Mantis System Categories: The Latest

We have some exciting news! On February 3rd 2011 c-Seven Media introduced Mantis version 9!

Mantis 9 is live!

Mantis 9 highlights include:

Video Tutorials - We are in the process of producing video tutorials for every Mantis Module and Component along with several tips and tricks that will help you keep up with the latest trends and industry standards. Look for our first videos next week, they will cover the new and improved Pages module.

New Page Creator - We've had this one in development for a long time. It’s the centerpiece of Mantis, so we gave it a facelift, more functionality and a couple of key changes:

  • The new Page Creator utilizes your entire browser window, it stretches to fill your screen, making use of any extra screen real-estate you may have. We have removed our tabbed system in favour of faster moving panels
  • Layouts and Pages are now managed from the same tool. No more switching to figure out what's inside that "Layout Top Bar"
  • Easily view all the pages in every menu
  • Three times more grid styles as before (grid styles: the percentage based layouts you put on a page, e.g.: 100% grid, or 33% x 33% x 33% grids)
  • You can now edit your content and components directly from the Page Creator! All you have to do is click the edit icon, and all the features are there for your changing. No more re-dragging and dropping
  • Faster CSS editing for a component and a cell (no popups!), also, add CSS on a per-page basis!

New Dashboard - The original dashboard was a page full of statistics, that at first glance were cool (we kept it, don't worry). But after a while it was harder to see what was "new". We decided to focus more on making sure you can see what we've added to Mantis.

You'll have a couple of quick link buttons that take you to the most popular tools, and an aggregated list of news, blog posts and our twitter. Oh and of course, the stats are still there, just click on the "Mantis Stats" tab.

Updated Content Editor - Time for a facelift! The old editor was looking a little dated, so we brought it into this century with a new style. The functionality hasn't changed, so take your time to familiarize yourself with the new buttons.

New Task Manager - Simple task manager to keep track of hours spent on certain tasks.

Some new features:

Fixes, Upgrades, etc:
Updated CSS Editor
Better error & message handling (it's now a popup on the top-right corner of your browser)
Updated javascript libraries (this is what makes Mantis 9 run so smooth!)
Updated styles and consistency throughout the modules



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