The power of the redesign

Date: January 23, 2013 Author: Mantis System Categories: How To Reach Your Customers | Online Marketing | Web Tools

Have you ever considered redesigning your website? It might be time to start.

Statistically, the average life-cycle of any website is between three to four years. That's more than enough time for new trends, better techniques and newer technologies and user expectations to change and develop.

It's important that your business is able to keep up with and survive that life-cycle. It's your responsibility to remain forward-thinking and prepared for the future when it comes to your business and that includes your online presence.

A website redesign can help your business attract new customers with an improved user interface, streamlined content and an effective, modern design.

While you may not need to start from scratch, considering how to simplify your site and serve up the content your users are looking for most is a worthwhile task.

Do the colors in your logo clash, does your logo no longer truly convey the services and products you offer? Consider re-working it to better reflect your business.

Do you have your services spread across a dozen pages? Maybe they can be simplified. Perhaps it's time to set up a blog and integrate the dynamic content generated with it across the site.

Does your current home page properly direct traffic to the pages that matter most? Never underestimate the power of your home page. It's typically the first page a visitor will see and, when properly designed can help a user quickly access the information that matters most.

Redesigning your site can help improve your site's usability and improve overall user experience, and it doesn't have to mean changing everything. The RIGHT changes - different colors or fonts, new photos, simplified content and page structure can have a positive impact.



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