Homes First Revamped

Date: October 17, 2016 Author: Milynne Charlton Categories: The Latest

Four years ago Homes First organization made a decision to relaunch their site. Having a strong internet presence is so important to any online advertising.  Recently, Homes First knew it was time to revamp again and improve on their existing website. Proudly, we invite you to peruse with ease, their new user friendly, SEO optimized and eye pleasing online space. You can click here to see all of the improvements we have created with the team over at Homes First. 

Working with this organization and creating a Mantis CMS website for them is an excellent addition to their quest of having safe and stable homes available to all of Toronto's chronically homeless population. People need homes before they can work on any other aspect of their lives and having an updated website for teaching about how we can help and where we can donate is an integral part of helping those in need to move on to the next step. If you are interested in donating you can find information on their donation aid link here.