Differences between Mantis Stats (via AWStats®) & Google Analytics®

Date: August 30, 2015 Author: Clayton Jubb Categories: Stats

· Mantis Stats uses the webserver's log files. This gives it access to absolutely every visit to your website.

· Google Analytics uses a Javascript function which is called after the page is rendered. If someone leaves before the page is finished rendering, Google Analytics doesn't count it, but Mantis Stats will.

· Mantis Stats include search engine crawler visits from sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc... (Google Analytics cannot)

· Google Analytics is not able to collect data from visitors without JavaScript (or with JavaScript disabled)

· Many of your tech-savvy visitors will have blocked Google Analytics from loading. You cannot block Mantis Stats.

The Take Home

Use either (or both) to track trends, most visited pages etc... Armed with the above information, you can choose which to refer to in regards to traffic. There isn't a right or wrong, however we feel that the Mantis Stats are more accurate since they are generated from the raw webserver logs directly.

If you're looking to sell advertising space on your site, quote both sets of figures to prospective advertisers - or ask them which they would like.



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