What is usability and how do you know if your site has it?


It should never take a user more than 3 clicks to find what they're looking for on your site. You have a matter of a few seconds to capture a visitors attention, before they disappear forever.

Make sure your products and services are easy to find, keep links to the most important parts of your site in plain view. This can be achieved in many ways, some of the easiest and most effective methods are to:

1. Include a feature section on your home page that describes your most popular services and link directly to them from that feature. Do you have packages or services available for purchase? Make it obvious, include a link to them right on your menu. Use effective graphic design to promote them on your home and sub pages.

2. Include a side bar section on your site that breaks down your menu structure, offering quick and easy access to the sections of your site.

3. Use clear and effective visuals in the forms of buttons or other graphics to draw attention to something important. This could be for anything from a newsletter signup offer to a discount on an existing product or service.

4. Make your site simple, try not to include more than five or six main sections, these could be sections like 'Services, Products, Case Studies, Blog and Contact'. Try to categorize any additional pages you may have into a few key categories.

5. If you mention a service you offer in your blog or on another page, link to it! Make it easy to find. Not every user will click on that link, but including a link will make it simple for interested users to find that service.

Usability is about keeping things simple and making it easy for a user to navigate through your site. Master usability and you'll benefit from the results a great deal.