Mantis Support System Update

Date: June 30, 2015 Author: Clayton Jubb Categories: The Latest | Web Tools

One of our goals at c-Seven is to provide the best support possible. To accomplish this we’ve made some new changes to our support starting today.

We've recently migrated our support system to one of the top ticketing systems on the market to help keep track of your requests and make sure they make it to the right people. With this system will come a knowledge base to help with training, and the ability for us to identify if certain areas are receiving more support requests then others so we can work on more targeted improvements.

Our next change is to the way that support tickets are submitted, there are now 3 different types of requests you can send in to the c-Seven support team.

Need Help

This request is for exactly what its titled, if you need help with how to do something and need a tutorial or guidance, you’ll want to use this option.

Examples would be:

  • I’ve never created an event before, is there a guide on how to do this?
  • Am I able to send out newsletters with Mantis?
  • How do I update my social media icon links?

Found a bug in the system

If something isn’t working the way it should be or is displaying incorrectly, you would submit using this option.

Examples would be:

  • My text isn’t displaying due to being the same colour as the background.
  • I’m trying to change a piece of content but the changes aren’t reflected on the live site.
  • Something doesn’t look right on my mobile optimized site using my iPhone.

Would like you to do something for me

This is a new features that will help a lot of our clients with certain tasks that they may not have time to accomplish. You can now request updates from the C7 team quickly and easily. These updates include but aren’t limited to:

  • Content or copy updates.
  • New image creation
  • Custom programming
  • Theme updates.

These updates go at a rate of $100 an hour and we give 4 options, if it will take more or less time then selected we will contact you with more information.

  • Just bill me what it takes provided it is not over 1 hour
  • Just bill me what it takes provided it is not over 3 hours
  • Just bill me what it takes provided it is not over 6 hours
  • Please quote me

Support Pro Tips!

  • Always aim to be overly descriptive with your request, when it comes to support there’s no such thing as to much info. The system will ask what device and browser you’re using but it never hurts to include screenshots, recent updates, times, etc.
  • I you have multiple smaller items you would like updated, include them in 1 ticket so it can come from the same block of hours. If you have 4 updates you need made that are small and would only take 15 minutes each, submitting them once could save you $300 as the minimum charge is 1 hour of work.
  • If you’re ever unsure of who to contact, the support system is the best place to start. Support requests go out to multiple team members and if they aren’t the ones you need to speak with, they will forward the request over to someone who is. 
  • The best way to submit a support request is using the built in “Submit a Support Ticket” tab in Mantis, but what if the problem is with the Mantis support tab!?! You can always submit support requests over email using if needed.


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