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Toronto, Ontario. November 5th, 2008 - girl !mpact launches interactive web portal powered by Mantis Webs CMS by c-Seven Media. This is a program with varied activities, workshops, and projects which focus on personal growth, teamwork, executive mentorship, media and community involvement. The girls selected for g! trek 2009 will have the ability to keep the public up to date on their progress, to entice others to support their projects via the web using powerful Web 2.0 Mantis tools.

The g! trek 2009
The G! trek, a project of Girl !mpact, provides the opportunity for girls in both environments to obtain the tools necessary to break the vicious cycle. To create a different life for themselves and for the communities that they come from. They are going to take 10 girls who have been raised in marginalized circumstances in Toronto and create a journey for them that will be the opportunity of a lifetime. We are going to give them fitness training, motivational coaching and executive mentorship to prepare them for a Kilimanjaro climb. These girls are going to work together and with the G! network to raise $50,000. This will send 10 girls in Kenya to secondary school. The girls will meet in Africa.

This is the start of a movement. Become a G! and join us to !mpact the lives of girls here at home and abroad.

About g! girl !mpact
Girl !mpact is about girls...and boys and women and men and moms and dads and schools and communities and villages and towns and cities and countries and the globe. It is a collective who believe in the power of girls on society.
It has been proven over and over again that if you give a girl the tools to succeed and thrive, she will have a profound impact on her community and society at large. The impact is the same around the globe, however the need state differs. Local girls that are financially and/or emotionally marginalized need leadership coaching, mentorship, freedom from violence and a social network that will give them the opportunity to break out of the lifestyle that they have been raised in.

Global girls need education, especially education beyond standard 8. If a girl in either circumstance, is given what she needs, there is an incredibly high chance that she will become a leader and have a positive effect on society.

Regardless of geography, if you give a female $1 she will reinvest 90% in her family and her community. This is the type of investment that builds wells, creates education programs, mentors and other leaders. This investment creates social change.

About c-Seven Media Inc.

c-Seven Media was established in 1998 and has grown from a small web design firm to a full web solutions provider based off referrals from our existing customers and online marketing initiatives. c-Seven's services include IT consulting, graphic design, web hosting, custom programming and search engine optimization. c-Seven is the creator of Mantis Web CMS which enables c-Seven to "jump start" the website development process which reduces the barriers for entry for small to medium size businesses.

For more information please contact:

girl !mpact, 416.481.8007

Josh Hayter, Director of Sales & Marketing, c-seven Media 416-800-0682 x 104




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